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These are the services we have to offer you....

Full Search (up to 3 months)

Additional Services - Area advice, orientation tours, school search, accompanied viewings, property assessment, price negotiation, buy to let advice.

Full Search

This search is designed for a buyers who fall into one or more of the following;

- Have little time to call all the necessary Estate Agents themselves. Internet searches are not up to date!
- Have little knowledge of the best roads to buy in.
- Want expert advice on which property to buy.
- Want expert advice on which are the best areas to buy in.
- Are unable to get hold of senior staff and corporate departments within Estate Agents.
- Don't like dealing with Estate Agents or Developers.
- Want someone to negotiate the best deal for them.
- Don't have third party contacts such as Mortgage Brokers and Solicitors.
- Can't get to see new property instructions quick enough.
- Can't get access to 'off market' properties.

A full search retains us for up to 3 months or up until completion of your purchase and within this time we will aid and advise you on all aspects of the purchase.

So, how does it work?

After a free, no obligation, consultation the following are included in the full search:
1. A detailed brief is taken to give us the best chance of finding what you're looking for. This is done in person, by phone or by email.
2. The search begins and constant feedback is given on each of the properties found that closely match your criteria.
3. Property details are emailed to you so you can see what we are finding.
4. We will look to preview the best properties before showing you a shortlisted few (this is usually between 5 and 15 properties depending on the market).
5. This process continues until we have found the right property.
6. We will negotiate the best deal possible on your behalf after discussing everything with you first.
7. We will see the purchase through to completion, once an offer has been agreed, we will converse with all parties involved to ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.
8. Recommendations can be given if you find yourself needing a third party such as a Solicitor.

Additional Services

Area Advice Only - If you just want advice on which area to buy in as listed above.
Area Orientation Tours - We will drive you around your chosen or our recommended areas with advice along the way. We will show you the best and worst roads, areas of interest, shopping and transport facilities, the boundaries you are best to search in and typical properties you can expect to find for your budget.
School Search - After obtaining a brief from you we will search for all the relevant school options and present these to you in a report.
Accompanied Viewings - if you have your own list of properties to view we can accompany you and offer our advice. We will point out the pros and cons of each and let you know which we think are best options.
Property Assessment - If you have found your own property and would like us to view it and give you our advice on things like it's value, it's saleability etc. We will produce a report for you on our findings.
Price Negotiation - We would negotiate the price and terms for your chosen property and would use our knowledge and expertise to gain the best advantage for you.
Buy To Let Advice - Advice on all aspects of buy to let including areas to buy, tenants to target, yields to expect, capital appreciation versus rental income etc.