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If you're looking to buy a property, you may think that the Estate Agent who takes you round all the properties is looking out for your best interests. Not necessarily. The Estate Agent is legally working for the seller. Information you give to the agent, such as how much you can afford to spend and how keen you are to buy, will be reported back to the seller, giving them a negotiating advantage.

More and more buyers are using a Property Finder to overcome this. They have access to all of the usual resources used to find properties, as well as sources not usually accessible to buyers, such as developer and private seller contacts. It is often the case they can find properties before they come onto the open market. The biggest difference between the Estate Agent and the Property Finder is that the Property Finder represents the buyer and is contractually bound to get the best deal possible for their client. Property Finders do not represent the seller.

To add to this, a good Property Finder will give their client more leverage by digging up facts on the property and the seller's position that can work to the buyer's benefit. After all, the buyer is in a much weaker position to negotiate if it is unknown who or what they are dealing with.